At Paradigm we have had the pleasure of working with some fantastic artists, photographers, and creatives including; Taylor Castle, Jeff Bowen Ross, Saverio Truglia, Brian Kuhlmann, Tuan Lee, Nathan Kirkman, Andy Barnes, Jennifer Marx, Troy Hayes, Bracket Studios, Kevin Smith Photography, and many others. Our studio is always looking to work with new talented artists and agencies who need an extra post-production boost.

Our lost robot

Sometimes images need parts that either don't exist or are too expensive to source for a project. This is where our CGI team really steps up. We can create items that are photo-realistic or renders that are stylized to a specific look. 3D Renders can be created to be an entire scene or composited with photography. This images was made as a sample of our abilities... and yes we had a great time making it!



Award winning photographer Saverio Truglia came to us with this project for Steppenwolf Theater in Chicago. The concept was to create an image that imagined the cast of the production in the scene of a video game. Along with Saverio's creative direction, many pre-production meetings, and studio photography our team created a high resolution 3d environment render and composited the constructed assets with Saverio's photography. Check out the entire frame up in the gallery.


Finlandia Vodka with Kevin Smith photography

Sometimes an idea can stretch an image into something much more than what can be accomplished in the studio. These kinds of images with the proper planning can push through the limits of what is possible. Kevin shot multiple bottles with ice and condensation on areas of the bottles. At Paradigm we composited the different plates ofbottle shots along with an environment that was completely created using stock photography and digital painting.