Welcome to Paradigm Color Studio


At Paradigm Color projects range from collaborating with award winning photographers on personal and commercial campaigns to branding, color management, and content creation for international projects. Our clients include companies such as Uniqlo, Brown Shoe Company, Motorola, Lowe's, Walgreen's, Miller Coors, Jim Beam Global, and many more. We are always eager to work with new artists, photographers, creatives, and agencies, so feel free to contact us.


Retouching & CGI

At Paradigm we love retouching and CGI. We are always looking, creating, and learning. Our goal is to create stunning images that will work great for the campaign. We love to talk about imaging and what we can do!

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production services

Our studio offers a wide range of production services including digital asset management, color management and calibration, print production, dynamic imaging, and contract proofing. We are always working to make sure your project will be perfect.

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